Ohjelmakartan ulkopuolinen ohjelma

Saturday 18:00

Building a Nordic Larp Community in Texas CANCELLED

In this talk, I describe the process by which the progressive larp company Jackalope, founded by Matthew Webb, developed interest in larp as art in Texas and the surrounding areas. I will discuss how Jackalope generated buy-in from the larp community, and ran several successful bespoke larps, including The Night In Question, which will be entering its fourth run in September.


Content warnings: The Night in Question content: fake blood, fake organs, simulated violence, simulated vampire feeding

Saturday 20:00

The Main Party: "It's Tacky But I Love It"

The main costume event is Saturday’s “It’s tacky but I love it!” party, so think corny and fabulous, but please don’t stress! Everyone’s here to have a good time, so wear whatever makes you feel great and/or comfortable.

The party spreads from Night club and the Sober Kitsch Room to other spaces.

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