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Saturday 11:00

Keynote Speech

Opening Words: Jyrki Korpua, Academic Track Organiser

Merja Polvinen, Keynote Speech: Weirdness and Rigour: Encounters between SF and the Academia.

Saturday 13:30

1st Session: Fantastic Encounters, part I

(Chair: Aino-Kaisa Koistinen)
Minttu Ollikainen: Real and Dream – Encounters in the Novels of the Reaalifantasia Group

Minna Siikilä-Laitila: Internet as a Fantasy Reader’s Rendezvous

Marjut Puhakka: Meeting the Human 2.0

Saturday 15:30

2nd Session: Fantastic Encounters, Part II

(Chair: Sofia Sjö)
Jyrki Korpua: ‘A chance-meeting, as we say in Middle-earth.’ Encounters in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Legendarium

Katariina Kärkelä: Riddles in the Dark. Encounter as a turning-point in understanding

Nicholas Wanberg: Encountering Fantasy ‘Races’: When an Elf is (and isn’t) just an Elf

Sunday 11:00

3rd Session: Encountering the Other

(Chair: Jani Ylönen)
Hanna Määttänen & Jenniliisa Salminen: What Would You Do If… Audiences’ reactions to Gogol’s Viy in 19th and 21st Centuries

Esko Suoranta: Lovecraft’s Poison Tree in Elizabeth Bear’s Shoggoths in Bloom

Aino-Kaisa Koistinen & Helen Mäntymäki: On the Boundaries between Genres and Species: The Affective Economy of Fortitude

Sunday 14:00

4th Session: Dystopias and Science Fiction

(Chair: Kaisa Kortekallio)
Aleksi Nikula: Building a society on play and games in Zoku culture

Kaisa Kaukiainen: In search of the divine – Octavia E. Butler’s Parables and Lois Lowry’s the Giver quartet

Jani Ylönen: Encounters by Domestic Tables – Encounters, Furniture, and Gene Technology in Ian McDonald’s River of Gods and Ken MacLeod’s Intrusion.

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